The Bridal Seal of Love

For the past several weeks I have been making Song of Songs a major focus of my devotional life and as part of that focus, I have just finished listening to a wonderful 12-part teaching series by Mike Bickle (of International House of Prayer) on the Song of Songs.
Although this is not my first time devoting a season of my life to the Song, this time around I found it so motivating that I wanted to encourage you all to consider giving some time to contemplating the message of the Song (which really is the message of the First Commandment, in poetic form).
Because the Song of Songs is poetry, and because it is set in a culture very different from ours, some parts of it may seem strange to us. For this reason a guide may be helpful. I have been greatly helped by Mike Bickle’s teaching on the song – as well as his testimony of how God overcame his reluctance and taught him to love the Song. So, for any who would appreciate some help, here is a link to the final teaching in the series, to give you a taste and get you started.
I debated whether to share this with you all, because I don’t want to just promote my own agenda. But I don’t think it is just my agenda. Teaching the Bride to love the Bridegroom is central to God’s purposes in the Last Days. Nor is this at odds with focusing on the Great Commission. Rather, it’s the fuel for carrying out that commission without burning out. Often we pray in a task-oriented or results-oriented mode in our prayer life. We pray for this need or that need. There is nothing wrong with this – Jesus told us to bring our requests to the Father – but the highest goal of our life, and what Jesus is returning for, is to be a Bride that is fully in love with Him, so that whatever we do is fuelled by our love for Him which in turn is fuelled by His love for us. Increasingly, this is the mandate that the Lord is bringing to the forefront of my attention – to go deeper in knowledge of His love, and then to let everything else I do be motivated, shaped and fuelled by that love. Although I fall far short of this, it is my vision and my heart’s desire, and I believe it is also the call of God, the reason He created us and the reason Jesus came to earth – that He would have a people who know the fulness of His love.
In Jesus


Looking back and looking ahead

It will soon be one year since Marion and I started holding weekly gatherings for prayer and worship in our home.

We began doing this in response to God’s call to be part of birthing His house of prayer in our city. Throughout the year one of the prayers we have prayed many times is for God to awaken the intercessors across the city.

In response to our prayers and the prayers of many others, houses of prayer are springing up across the earth as the Spirit of God prepares the Bride for her Bridegroom King. An especially exciting development from our perspective (because it is so close at hand, just east of Vanier) is the launch of Burning Hearts House of Prayer at East Gate Alliance Church on Codd’s Road.

Marion and I will be away for the next couple of weeks. Following the Christmas holidays, we plan to join forces with Nahia Haddad and the team that God is raising up at Burning Hearts House of Prayer. Look for us there on Thursday evenings, and maybe at other times as well.

From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets, the name of the Lord is to be praised (Psalm 113:3)

Pre-event prayer for Ottawa Civic Prayer Breakfast

This Thursday evening (October 30), instead of praying in our living room, Marion and I will be joining with other Ottawa intercessors to pray on-site for the Ottawa Civic Prayer Breakfast which takes place the next morning.

If you were thinking of coming to pray with us this Thursday, I hope you will be able to join us instead at Ottawa Conference and Event Centre (200 Coventry Road). Please let us know if you plan to be there so that we can inform Sarah Jackson who is planning the prayer evening.

We’ll be back to praying in our living room on Thursday November 6 unless the Lord has a different assignment for us. Come pray with us !

Prophetic gathering this Thursday

On Thursday, October 23, instead of spending the evening in our own living room worshipping and praying for awakening in Vanier and Ottawa, Marion and I will be joining with some friends from our church (All Nations Ottawa) for an evening of prophetic ministry.

We will resume weekly worship and prayer in our living room on Thursday October 30. Come pray with us!

Love in Christ

Peter and Marion

Thursday evening prayer

For a few months now, we haven’t been publicizing our weekly prayer meetings. That’s because the Lord made it clear to us a while back that His priority for us was not to focus on attracting people to come to our Thursday evening gatherings, but simply to focus on praying.

This past week, however, someone showed up at our door and said she wasn’t sure if we were meeting because she couldn’t find anything about our meeting on the Web. We were really happy that Dayna found us that evening, and she brought a wonderful freshness and vitality to our time of prayer. Although we don’t want to focus on promoting a meeting, we do want to communicate with our friends. So this is just a note to say that you will find us worshipping and praying at 283 Ste Cecile in Vanier every Thursday evening at 7 pm. Anyone who loves Jesus and wants to come and pray with us is welcome. If that changes, we’ll try to notify you.

Much love in Christ

Peter and Marion